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AMS Laser Fin

Which weld do you want holding your fin:


adms 2013 0009 4b 320x240 - AMS Laser Fin


adms 2013 0009 5b 497x468 - AMS Laser Fin


adms 2013 0009 8c 320x240 - AMS Laser Fin

Overall, finned tubes contribute to improved heat transfer efficiency and therefor a decreased cost of energy production.

Laser welded finned tubes are manufactured and comply with the highest requirements.

Most Efficient:

Making thermal calculations does not have to involve an added weld wire or its splatter and so contributes and promotes to greater heat transfer efficiencies ...more


Because the laser process does not use a foreign weld wire, there is no added weight. Only the fin or rib and the pipe ...more

Full Penetration of Weld:

Due to the laser process, the entire length of the fin and pipe become “one metal” as there is no added weld wire or the required shield gas for the welding process ...more

No Gap Between Fin and Pipe Wall:

There is no void between the fin root and pipe wall which can cause crevice corrosion, an attack that usually takes place in a very tight gap between two surfaces. The gap can promote cold spots and therefor corrosion ...more

Precise, Distortion Free Welds:

Laser is precision tuned without interference of wire or shield gas. Complete melt of the fin to pipe connection along the entire length of the fin ...more

Better Weld Control for Joining Dissimilar Metals:

Precision tuned per application ...more

Less Splatter:

Cleaner and smoother surfaces will promote better heat transfer, less pressure drop and less opportunity for particulate buildup, no matter how small the blemishes appear to be ...more

Uniform Root Hardness:

Other welding methods can leave uneven hardness throughout the fin to pipe configuration ...more

Pass the Strength Test:

Should there be a poor quality of the connection between the tube and fin, a proper rupture test cannot be made. Laser welded samples showed that all samples broke in the tube material and not at the weld ...more